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1 Junior Research Fellow Position - UGC-DAE Download
Sl.No Title Download
1 Tender Notice For UPS batteries and TEM Grids Download
Payment for Analysis
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Request Forms
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1 Analysis Request Form Download
2 Request form for using Specialty Facility Laboratories of IIUCNN Download
3 AFM Request Form Download
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1 Extruder - Quotation No.27/Qut-TendIIUCNN/2018-2019 Download
2 AC for VSM- Quotation No.26/Qut-TendIIUCNN/2018-2019 Download
3 UPS for VSM - Quotation No.25/Qut-TendIIUCNN/2018-2019 Download
4 Chillar for VSM - Tender No.24/Qut-Tend/IIUCNN/2018-2019 Download
5 [Re-Tender] Chillar for VSM Download
6 Digital Magnetic Stirrer - 37/Tend/Quot/2018-19 Download
7 Centrifuge - 38/Tend/Qut/2018-19 Download
8 Microlitre pippets - 39/Tend/Qut/2018-19 Download
9 Film applicator- 40/Tend/Qut/2018-19 Download
10 pH meter - 41/Tend/Qut/2018-19 Download